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Multi- Disciplinary Digital Art and Design Services
(2 active projects per month)
What is an Active Project?
An active project is a project that is in process with the Artist. As a member, you are allowed to have a maximum of 2 projects in process per month. Once an active project is closed another project can become active, leaving unlimited digital art and design services at your finger tips!
Services Include but are not limited to:
-Graphic Design
-Concept Art
-Creative Sessions / Brainstorms
-Production Art/Design
-Campaign Development 
-Motion Graphics (Animation)
-Photo Editing/Re-touching
-Video Editing 
This Subscription does not include:
-Print Services
-Mailing Fees 
-Travel Expenses
-Physical Art or Physical Art Supplies (canvas paintings, hand painted apparel, paint, brushes, paper etc)
option to cancel subscription available after 6 months of paid subscription services.

In House Artist

Pay Through Zelle By Searching
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1 month of Unlimited
Multi Disciplinary Art and Design Services
What's an In House Artist ?
Do you or your business need hands on artistic services but don't have the budget or  resources to hire someone full time? If so this is the package for you!
1 payment for unlimited art and design services for 1 month!
This includes any and all art and design services provided by the artist. Including creative sessions , consultation, on site direction, physical art , hand painted apparel, murals and more.
*An in person interview between artist and client must be held to confirm this service.

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